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September 23, 2006

To Show Ourselves or Not?

It's great fun to grow through ideas.  There are a number of decisions we are looking at. They seem important now . . . as we design the blog pages / html pages / touch points:

1) Does the swift kick logo mess up the "community" ?  Should SK be an active/ present facilitator, or co-community member? (Meaning, just one in the crowd)



Many famous open source projects have a BDDFL (Benevolent Dictators for Life) role.  It helps in the early stages if someone is pushing the iterative process and taking the risks for the community.

The community is skeptical and hesitant (so far).  If this is going to work, someone is going to have to push pretty hard.

We have the technology (crm platform) to "push" the content out to those that might not be ready to find it on their own.  If we take a middle role, we can provide this marketing service to the community to help X+1 those not yet self starting.


The presence of the brand will taint the project with the perception of commercialism.

We have very limited bandwidth.  If we are too integral, we could end up being a bottleneck.

We might be too tempted to control too much.  That's not what this is about - it's about organizing chaos - not steering. 


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