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March 13, 2007

The Aim of Education

Peter Scholtes' diagram shows what we are facing right now as humans interacting with technology.

Picture 2.png

So for those of us that are older, we may see this diagram within the context of our lives, our personal history. For those of us that our younger, this diagram is not about history but just about the fact that our typical week contains some new technological improvement that is a combination of cool, interesting, and useful.

For more and more youth, high technology is a norm - a common, practical tool that facilitates a life that is more fun and engaging. Technology is not for us to ignore or condemn, regardless of our more slippery grasp of understanding it and why they use it so much. It just is, and younger generations not only like it, they use it to make their lives better.

As Myron Tribus poses, if the challenge for educators (and this includes parents) is to prepare our children to live in the future, then we must determine what kind of education prepares children to live in a world we cannot describe.


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