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April 10, 2007

Visions of School 2.0

From the blog 2 Cents Worth » Visions of School 2.0:

"My vision of school/classroom 2.0 is, more than anything else, about conversations.  Traditional schools involved teachers and textbooks delivering information to students, and students reflecting that information back.  To better serve their future, today’s classrooms should facilitate teaching and learning as a conversation — two-way conversations between teachers and learners, conversations between learners and other learners, conversations among teachers, and new conversations between the classroom and the home and between the school and its community. "

Christian Long, President and CEO of DesignShare and think:lab.

Conversations are certainly a beautiful and useful means to learn. Considering multiple intelligence theory and multiple learning modalities, I have one personal note: sub "conversations" with interactions.

It blows my mind that so many classes that are meant to set students up for the future are merely 'listen to lecture', 'read required materials', 'write papers', 'take tests'.

This is a pretty awesome context to set up kids to live in the 1800's.

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Good day to you, sir!


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