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February 28, 2008

On a few of the Same Pages with HASTAC

Wish I would have read this post before I wrote my last post on Mac DML. (Cathy - RSS feeds would really help.)

Cathy writes:

"Over the next several weeks, we will be posting several overviews or suggestions. Just as we wrote four postings on what we learned from reading all the applications, we have some ideas, in general, about applying for this or any competition. We might also see if any of the judges might wish to share a few insights. And we're talking around about tools where people, if they wish, can upload their own applications and put them out there for the public to respond to and give feedback on. If you have suggestions, send them along and we'll consider them."

I am happy to give the HASTAC bunch the benefit of time and look forward to more thoughts. Even more so to more collaboration.

If they can follow through with some sort of public community / entrant process I will certainly play.

As for tools - Why not just a wiki with links to any project page I want? (Play if you want, tag yourself / your project, HASTAC acts like a node and gets out of the way) Why make it complicated?


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