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June 18, 2008

An Open Letter to Umair Haque, Applying for Revolutionary Status

Dear Umair,

Your Open Challenge was intriguing. Your manifesto required action.

We would like to apply for "revolutionary" status under your definition. If you have not yet found your five projects to advise, we humbly submit ours for consideration.

We are a start up determined to organize the world's education.

The data model of education needs to be turned upside down.

Currently, a student's information is trapped and chopped up into little pieces in the various departments of the institution. This information is encumbered by old thinking, systems and lawyers. The result is an expensive, top heavy and too often irrelevant model of education.

We give control of education data to the students, where they are free to be public. Leaving education footprints in the open allows us to provide recommendations, peer modeling, and peer mentoring. "People like you were successful when they took x class, joined y group, got z job and click here to see their path or ask them a question." The result is better education at a fraction of the cost.

We have invested all of our revenue in developing our web application. Quite literally putting our money where our mouth is - our revenue is from speaking in higher education. This experience has given us initial capital and more importantly a deep understanding and appreciation for the challenges. It has also given us 40+ schools signed up to use our system. We have made solid progress towards our vision.

Student apathy is a massive untapped resource. We want to free that resource by connecting and galvanizing individuals with common paths and common futures.

Our path to this vision is steep, but achievable. We have clear strategic milestones and reasonable acuity in the market - evident in our early success.

A big vision is a big risk. Your help would be invaluable. With your help we will continue to avoid the mundane and explode a truly renewable human resource.

I'm available on the phone or in person to discuss the project further. Thank you for your voice, it's inspiring.

My Best,

Kevin Prentiss
Founder, Red Rover


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