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February 25, 2010

Upcoming Webinar: Leveraging Social Media for Student Engagement

We're excited to partner with The Student Affairs Collaborative for an upcoming webinar on Leveraging Social Media for Increased Student Engagement. This webinar is an updated version of our last webinar in December on the same topic. The biggest update is the inclusion of a student panel to talk about how they want you to engage them online.

100% of the webinar proceeds go to the Student Blogging Scholarship.

"Seating" is limited to allow everyone to engage in the Q&A, so check below for details and to reserve your spot.

Title: Leveraging Social Media for Student Engagement
Wednesday, Mar 3rd 2010
3-4:15pm EST

**Sign up before Saturday, Feb 27th and save 25% with code: Early-25 (works for both the webinar ticket and audio/slides)


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