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July 08, 2010

A Win For Student Generated Content

Fred Wilson, of A VC, reported on a ruling out of NYC between YouTube and Viacom.

Judge Louis Stanton of the Southern District Court in NYC issued his opinion in the long standing legal battle between YouTube and Viacom.

This decision means that other user generated content services will not have to make the choice that YouTube had to make. Judge Stanton ruled that YouTube was operating within the framework of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which says that web services that have infringing material in them must respond to take down notices but do not have to proactively weed out their services of all infringing material.

This is a big win for Education as ePortfolios become more popular and are bound to be filled with mixing and remixing of copyrighted content that would make any school's legal team go bonkers. While I'm sure it's not the end, it's a first step.


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